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Marhaba, or, Welcome to Me over ME.

Me over Me is about Me over the Middle East. After more than 10 years living on the Arabic Peninsula, the Middle East still surprises me daily. It confronts me with incomprehensible cultural differences or lets me end up in situations far beyond my own reality. I like to share these sometimes bizarre situations and life in the Arabic world with you via my blog.

My life in the Middle East

me over me (by meoverme.com)

Me (by Me over ME)

I have found my way around in the Middle East, both socially and in the community. I have a wide international circle of friends with whom I sport or make desert trips. We talk about new developments, ideas or cultural differences. Among them are Arab men and women who tell me about their lives. They invite me to religious festivals such as Ramadan and Eid, and involve me in important life events such as weddings and births. It is at those times that it becomes visible how much our lives differ from one another. Where the Dutchman serves only one biscuit per cup of coffee, Arabs overload you with dates, cakes, sweets and other delicacies. And when you go on maternity visit, you end up at a women’s party, where new shoes and clothes are delivered and makeup artists powder your nose.

Stories with a twist

abaja arab woman

and Me (by Me over ME)

In my spare time, I write stories with a twist about my life. In response to news reports, out of frustration or surprise. But also when the situation in which I sometimes end up is so far from my own reality. Some stories are about relatively small subjects such as the post or traffic. Others are about my work, my Arab house, a precarious situation in the desert and more. And there are stories about cultural differences that are sometimes incomprehensible, make you laugh or lead to unpredictable outcomes. Or they make you wonder. Like the story of the Dutchman who with the help of the Dutch ambassador was able to separate from his wife by a simple text message.

Me over ME

Me over ME contains stories about life in the Arabic world. Stories that make you laugh, wonder or think about. It gives background information about the countries, nature, and culture of the Rub al Khali desert on the Arabic Peninsula, and a list of activities that you won’t easily find in travel brochures. Next to that, I will give you a peek behind the Arabic curtains and guide you through desert sand on bare feet.

I hope you read my stories with as much pleasure as I wrote them with.

Regards from the sandpit,

Rub Al Khali desert, October 2016


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