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  • The stories on this site are based on my life and experiences in the Middle East. These are events that I have truly experienced, but I’ve put them together in one story or spread them over multiple stories. For reasons of privacy and respect all names, places, appearances, conditions and times are adjusted. Not any resemblance to real persons and/or events is intended or should be inferred. Please contact me if you disagree with the stories or information given. It is never my intention to offend, ridicule or harm anyone in any way.
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  • Emails or reactions to posts that contain texts that are offensive towards (groups of) people regarding race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap or with other inappropriate content will be removed without reply. Me over ME is authorised to ban readers from this site at all times.


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  • Me over ME and may use material of others. In these cases the original copyright owner is mentioned when possible and if necessary. Please contact Me over ME if you think this is not done rightfully or incorrectly via the contact form.
  • Me over ME and can never be held responsible for (illegal) copying of material by others.

Thank you!

Thank you for the pictures that some of you have sent to me. Not everyone wants their name printed on the site. In these cases the photo’s don’t have the author mentioned, but are under copyright of Me over ME to protect them against illegal copying. When necessary Me over ME will always contact the original author.