Max Verstappen winner Arabic Monaco


pitstop Max VerstappenDear Max,

Welcome to the Arabic Monaco, the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, where you are going to win the cup next week. At least, that is what I assume. If I have to believe the newspapers the whole racing world is topsy-turvy because of your spectacular overtake in Brazil. Experts even compare you to Senna! And while your fellow drivers are slowly overheating, you seem to be the only one that keeps his head cool!


The circuit


Yas Marina circuit Max VerstappenI will not tell you how to play the game or how to drive the racer. This is something I absolutely fail to understand. A rally through the desert is as far as I can get. But I could give you some information about the circuit. I walked on it regularly during the so-called Yas Walk, a weekly training on the track for joggers and cyclists.

The technologically advanced circuit is about 5.5 kilometers long, twisted by 21 curves in the shape of a pistol. To me the bulk of these bends don’t seem of any difficulty to you. They are sufficiently spacious and provide plenty of opportunities to draw beautiful lines on the tarmac or to cut off your competitors. Just recently I saw a group of cyclist doing the same during the Abu Dhabi Tour 2016.


verstappen circuit formula winner Angled bends


On the other hand the curves before and after the driveway underneath the Viceroy hotel are a lot more challenging to drive. They are nasty sharp corners that you can’t take at high speed. So push your brake firmly before you drive them! If you choose to do otherwise it would be a good time to repeat your spectacular spin of Brazil. What a huge smoke cloud will rise from the arid ground! Resulting in stunning images captured by the large numbers of cameras on the hotel bridge above you.




I do not expect it but if you would fall back inexplicably during the race, I have a secret to share for you to recover. There are two shortcuts. One is located between the public at the Marina Grandstand and the Yas Marina. You know, the harbour with all these luxurious yachts. The other runs between the public areas of the Main and the West Grandstand. The latter has an additional benefit. It gives you the opportunity to bypass the noxious curves around the Viceroy.





Dear Max, according to Tom Coronel you are a diamond in the rough that still needs some polishing. But to Abu Dhabi you are a shining Danah, the most valuable and beautiful pearl of the Arabian Gulf. I wish you a breathtaking race with lots of rain afterwards. The rain of large bottles of champagne!


Regards from the sandpit, Me
Abu Dhabi (c)2016 Me over ME