Oman has world’s highest sand dune: This is the one you are looking for!


Yesterday it was officially announced that Oman has world’s highest sand dune: 455 meters above sea level, 37 meters higher than the previous record of Namibia. Desert lovers are going crazy over the internet searching for this extraordinary and spectacular sandhill. Dunedashing buddies are already making plans for their new adventure through the Empty Quarter. Even without knowing the exact location.

Here is world’s highest sand dune in Oman!

Oman has world's highest sand dune: is this the one you are looking for?

The dune lies in the area of Ramlat Jadaylah and Uruq al Hadd. (map from Daftlogic and Google Maps)

The enormous dune was discovered by Dr. Eid Al Yahya, a Saudi anthropological researcher and TV presenter. According to the news article in the Times of Oman, world’s biggest pile of sand lies somewhere in the area between Ramlat Jadaylah and Uruq al Hadd in the Dhofar Governate.

Is this the dune you are looking for?

Out of curiosity, I went searching on the internet for the location of world’s highest sand dune in Oman. But after extensively researching various topographic and altitude maps, I could only find a dune with a maximum height of a little over 410 meters. Desert and reward seldom keep company.

Nevertheless, given the fact that various sites clearly state that the altitudes given are estimations and can vary over time, I think this is the one you are looking for!

Safe travels!!

world's highest dune in oman

Is this world’s highest dune in Oman? (via and Google maps)