6 Reasons not to visit the United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates is an interesting and welcoming country in the Middle East. It has the biggest sand desert in the world, mountains, wadis and oases. Are you looking for luxury, nature, culture or adventure? The country has it all. However there are 6 reasons not to visit the United Arab Emirates.

desert feet

It is only sand…

It is just one big desert

The United Arab Emirates is a big sandpit. Sandy dunes slowly move over the land following the instructions of the wind. They are horribly blocking your way. Thus to get a glimpse of the sunset behind the horizon, you need to conquer them. But the way up is tough and challenging, even with the warm and soft sand massaging your feet. Then only to be rewarded with a view over a blanket of sand. Brown sand, yellow sand, red sand, gold sand. It is spread out in formations and shapes only Mother Earth is capable of.  In the distance, you’ll see a caravan of camels walking over the dunes like fish swimming in water. You can only watch with amazement and try to catch your breath.


It will increase your blood pressure

sabkha or salt plain

Sabkha or salt plain (by Me over ME)

Around the lower sand dunes, your eyes might get blinded by white plains that look like diamonds glistening under the bright sun. These so-called sabkhas are nothing more than layers of crystallized salt. In Al Wathba the sabkha is flooded during winter, attracting many endemic and migratory birds. In the Liwa area natural formations resembling stone flowers or sand roses appear on its salty surface.
A sabkha looks stunning and inviting. But beware, your walking on thin ice. The crackling sound under your feet will make your heart beat faster. Finding a desert rose will bring you in a state of ecstasy.  Head back before your blood pressure goes up!

It is not relaxing

6 reasons not to visit the United Arab Emirates

Campfire (by Me over ME)

You have probably heard about the thrill of conquering the big dunes of Liwa, the invincible stories of daredevils bumping and sliding over sandy hills. Most of the stories are gibberish to the listener because driving through the desert might not get you far. The resistance of the sand will slow you down and you’ll cut into the sand like a hot knife in butter. You will probably end up camping between slanting dunes. Then, while you finally sit and relax around a sparkling campfire a big riot breaks out over your head. Shooting stars burst through the Milky Way like fireworks during New Year’s Eve.

It has obstacles in the sea

humpback dolphins arabian sea

Indian Humpback Dolphins (by Me over ME)

The glistening beaches slowly slant under the continuous rolling motion of waves. The sparkling ocean looking like the clear daytime sky beckons you to explore. But the shallow waters of the sea aren’t much of a challenge at all. You can easily drive a boat or water scooter to one of the remote islands that overlook the dazzling skyline of the city. You can safely enjoy kitesurfing along the coast or canoe through white and gray mangroves. The only obstacles you have to overcome are the Humpback dolphins miraculously jumping out of the water while giant sea turtles swirl with hypnotic slowness over the colourful corals beneath you.

It causes you to become spellbound

by Me over ME heritage village

Heritage village (by Me over ME)

I don’t have to tell you about the risks you take when spending your day in one of the huge and luxurious malls of the United Arab Emirates. But don’t think you are better off in the souqs. These traditional marketplaces still breathe the atmosphere of the old days and you will easily get lost in the enchanting maze of decorated hallways. The aromatic smell of traditional spices will lure you in, the inspiring colours of textiles will attract your eyes and the gleaming gold will stop you from bargaining over the price.

Tired from shopping artifacts and souvenirs you’ll probably end up in an abra, a traditional water taxi, that will take you to one of the heritage sites. The hospitality of the Emirati, their handicrafts, food, and poetry will capture your attention. Until the sound of the traditional music gets you. It will make you sit spellbound in comfortable handwoven cushions, like a child watching a cartoon.

It makes you feel humble and small

abu dhabi (by Me over ME)

Abu Dhabi (by Me over ME)

The big cities in the United Arab Emirates are intertwined with the spirit of time. Lofty skyscrapers of modern technology overtower and surround the city, while Burj Khalifa, sublime in its grandeur, looks proudly upon them. Their reflective windows are capable of breaking sunbeams, while at night they enfold themselves in colourful lights. The powerful giants of the city will make you feel humble and small. A feeling you want to escape from. But you only have one option. You need to enter them and have a cocktail in the view bar, where the sight is so ravishing that you don’t want to leave anymore.

It has too many attractions

Ferrari world

Ferrari World (by Me over ME)

You can make a ride in the fastest rollercoaster in the world in Abu Dhabi, slide down the ski slope in Dubai or go rafting on a wild water river in Al Ain. You can find yourself with your nose in the flower beds of Miracle Gardens or tackle the Hanging Gardens of the Jebel Qatar cliff. You can end up between Emirati cheering at horses and camels that race around a track or visit hunting shows and pet a falcon.

The United Arab Emirates simply have too many attractions to choose from. Don’t make it yourself difficult.