Playing with cars in the desert sand


I just love the desert! I can’t resist the invitation of golden dunes challenging me to climb their velvet hills.

I enjoy walking barefoot through the warm soft desert sand that exerts a massaging pressure on my soles after the crusted top layer has crackled under the pressure of my feet. Red brown grains jump up between my toes, then lovingly caressing the side of my feet on their way back. Step by step I feel the loose sand changing into a solid structure, in which my feet no longer disappear.

desert sand

From the crest of a dune I overlook the curved hills that cover the earth like a blanket of sand, while I watch a caravan of camels with calves heading back home. Slowly I let myself glide down the hill to join the kids on their sand boards and a sled. We slide over the dunes, run back up and slide off again until my eyes and ears are covered in sand and grains tickle like lice in my hair.

Meanwhile I listen to the sound of the SUVs of our camping group dune-bashing over the hills. The constant hum of engines of experienced drivers who smoothly glide their car over the dunes alternated by sounds of inexperienced drivers. Vroom – Vroohoom – Vroohohoom – Vroom.
Until suddenly all engines fall silent. For a moment it’s dead quiet. But then I hear car doors slam and people laugh. ‘How did you manage to do thát?’ and, ‘No way! This pile of sand could have been conquered with a bike!’

Playing with cars

One of the cars is up to its belly in the sand of a hill not worth mentioning. It is desperately stuck. With shovels in our hands, we dig away the layers of sand around the tires and underneath the bottom of the car.  

We determinedly try pulling and pushing the vehicle when the driver in a final attempt presses the gas firmly. Spinning wheels throw heaps of sand high up in the air. The air saturated with dust flows into our lungs and sand lands behind my shirt. I can feel it crawling down over my spine towards my buttocks.  Finally, the car slowly rolls off the hill.

digging sand desert (by

Desert sand

In the evening I take a long refreshing shower and think about the adventurous day. How I love that desert and its beautifully coloured sand … but especially when it’s gone. When all sand grains are flown out through the shower drain.