Loose sand: Funny and surprising moments


Funny, weird or surprising moments, that make you think, laugh or wonder. Some moments can’t be captured in a story. These moments are written below.

Escorted by a Rolls Royce

I am standing on the hard shoulder of a large fly-over. My car’s cooling system broke down. While I call for help, several big cars with local drivers stop and offer me a hand. I friendly turn them down. My friend is on her way. But the helpful Arab men are not willing to let go. They drive away, make a U-turn and offer their help again. After 10 minutes a young man in a long white dishdasha steps out of a brand-new Rolls Royce. He opens the hood of my car and pours bottles of water into it. ‘That will get you home’. I look at him with disbelief. ‘Don’t worry’ he replies, ‘I’ll follow you to make sure you get there.’

arabier dishdasha

Marriage at work

‘If we win the project, we’ll get married’, Mohamed shouts enthusiastically, while he shoots the project proposal over the digital network to the client. ‘We certainly will!’ John, his British assistant replies with laughter.
A couple of weeks later the project is accepted. ‘It’s ours, John’, Mohamed cheers, ‘Let’s get married. Who is going to be the wife?’ John slowly looks at Mohamed dressed in his long traditional dishdasha and then looks at his own outfit, a neat blue suit. ‘You ask me which one of us is the wife?’ John slaps his hand on his leg. ‘That does seem obvious to me. You are the one already wearing a dress!’

Two expats in the golf club

A charming looking lady holds up a bag of South African biltong (dried meat) to her golf partner. ‘Look what I found!’ she squeaks enthusiastically. The partner glimpses at the bag and makes a disgusted face. ‘Oh, no, I don’t like that. That tastes too real.’

Rewarded for a good report

The children got their reports from school. They worked hard for it and as a reward they all get to choose a gift from the toy-shop. Surprisingly, one of the children holds a model car in his hand, a yellow Lamborghini. He hasn’t played with cars for a long time. ‘Now I also have one!’ he says proudly, pointing at a picture on his phone. ‘The same as Ali has! When he scored a B in mathematics he got this one [pictured] from his father..’