Heart racing photo shoot in Dubai [watch the video here]


Over the Edge

Would you hang from a skyscraper with the only thing keeping you from plummeting is a simple harness and a rope? Most people wouldn’t even consider it. But there are a few rebels, daredevils, and heroes that go for it. Like this young woman, Viki.

Heart racing photo shoot in Dubai

While the citizens of Dubai were drifting away on whistling sounds of the wind, overlooking bittersweet shades of orange in the sand-filled sky, Viki was hanging over the edge of a concrete beam of the 1,004 foot (306m) tall Cayan Tower. All for a heart racing photo shoot in Dubai! Posing above the skyline with allegiance and trust in her male assistant, the model held his hand with a death grip. And he held on for her dear life, literally.

Watch this video. It will get your blood pumping!

This video was sent to me by What’s App. Copyright unknown.